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RGB Light strip Answered

Situation solved-----thanks for the advice!
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This is really difficult to answer without seeing everything... equipment not common that everyone knows about.  First, dont overlook the controller as suspect.  Do you have spare lights to connect to controller at customer site to see if the NEW set of lights do it also?  If you narrow it down to the string of lights again... is metal frame touching bare wires somewhere?  Are led's attached to some kind of circuit board? if there is a circuit board... is the board FLEXING during installation and causing stressed components that may fracture if flexed? (that happened to me on a house thermostat that worked OK sitting there... but when it was screwed down to the wall, it would FLEX slightly due to uneven wall surface... and the pc board would FLEX and components cracked.)  Are your wires soldered and taped very securely?  Finally, do not overlook GROUND points.  Do the led's have a grounding point that must be securely tightened but it is loose?  That is how I would
attack this problem

Just wanted to thank everyone(mostly) who took some time to give some helpful tips.    The set up ended up working out and it's lighting the project beautifully and the clients are happy!
  Thanks for the help!

TAPED the wires ??? Shouldn't you have soldered them ? 

Post links to the components you have used. All bets are off until we have more information.

I'd build a test rig that would allow me to drive the leds independently from the controller, to check they are working OK, then I'd test the controller.


What you haven't told us is how these lights are controlled.

The comments about "one of the 4 wires was not touching well enough" and " "could a wire touching another connection" are worrying - are these guesses or and admission of shoddy-workmanship?

Moisture could be messing with this, but what controller are you using and what are these strips (specifically)?