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Ram not detected? Answered

Ok, i recently removed some ram to check what kind it was. Then i put it back and turned pc on. It said memory was changed. I put the memoyr in right... I dont know what to do. I have a dell dimension 2400 with 4 sticks of DDR2 ram. Each being 512 MB.



7 years ago

Ok, i just had to clean them. lol. sorry to bother.

. If the computer is reporting 2GB of RAM, then I wouldn't worry about a message saying the RAM had changed.
.  If it is not reporting the correct amount of RAM then completely remove the RAM and reseat it, making sure that the retainers fit into the notches in the RAM.
.  If still not reporting the proper GB of RAM, then I'm afraid lemonie is right. :(

I wouldn't assume its in right.

If you did put the memory "in right", the logical answer would be that you damaged it.