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Random knex challenge 8- First EVER user orgainized knex video contest. Answered

This is the first ever user-orgainized knex video contest.  So without further ado, here it is:

The topic of the video is: Knex wars.
That's right, make an arsenal of guns, gather up some friends, and have a shootout.  It can be any gametype, the players and weapons won't matter, and the outcome of the war won't decide the winner of this contest.  

What will decide the winner is a war that makes me want to participate, even if it means selling my soul to Satan.  For example, here is a video that would win if it was entered in the contest:

This is a video that wouldn't be likely to win:

So get filming!  The only requirements is that it has to be a video, and there has to be more than 1 person in it.  Face showing is optional for privacy-concerned users.  


Bah, I can't uplaod videos. And I don't know much other knex gunners exept myself and my neighbour. Why don't you just make some real knex challenges about KNEXING, not about who has the most fun with playing with their designs?

Lol.  The real reason people keep making designs is to have fun with them shooting across the room or whatever.  Well there is some fun in building and designing them, but shooting others with guns in knex wars is way more fun.

Maybe... But it isn't a good subject for a knex challenge, don't you agree?

I sure think it is.  I just want a creative competition, something not done before in the history of knex contests.

It doesn't has to be related to guns...

Due date, and I read the whole thing and I don't believe I saw the date.

There is none, this contest has been around so long that the winner will be the first entry, which will win by default.  Unless there is more than 1 entry posted in the same day, in which case all entries will be subject to judging system.

I might make one :D

What exactly do you mean by video contest? I started iby contests a long time ago.

Video contest is where you just make a video of what's started.  I forgot about IBY, I thought nobody decided to join up on that one.

I had a couple contests going on it that finished up. It died after awhile though. I realized a good majority of people couldn't be ***ed to make videos.
I'm going to look forward to seeing any entries from this. Maybe some variety of weapons and battle areas.

I think the reason would be because it was on a totally different site and all. 

You'll have to wait until Pandemonium2 is over to get any entries lol.

hmm I wonder how many entries your going to get...


8 years ago

I might have an entry soon-ish.