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Really bad chest pains.... whats wrong? Answered

Hey, last night I was on the computer when my chest started hurting when I breathed. So I tried everything to make it go away. I took deep breaths, I ate (which made it worse), I drank something (Also made it worse).

I thought maybe it could be a cramp and it would go away if i slept. Well I woke up this morning and I still have the pains now. Whats goin on?

Please note that I have EE and i don't know if that could link to this in anyway.


What's wrong is that you're asking a bunch of uninformed yahoos on the Internet (and I include myself in that description) rather than asking a doctor.

Are you still alive?

Are there any long sharp objects protruding from your chest?

What's "EE" ?

Chest pains immediately makes me think "Emergency room"

Ditto!  Get yourself checked out, stat!

Well at 122 years of age you would expect that it might just be heart related.  Get checked out in an Emergency Room, not your doctor's office.

Luckily the last time I had chest pains I woke up with a 16 lb. cat standing on me.  Hope yours is so simple.

Assuming by EE you mean eosinophilic esophagitis my first guess would be that you are having an inflammatory response to something you were exposed to.   That being said- it is difficult to distinquish esophageal pain from cardiac pain without testing.   Not knowing your age or gender I would error on the side of caution and recommend a trip to the local Emergency Dept.

If your pain is not cardiac you will need some kind of anti-inflammatory agent to treat your pain.  Pain from inflammation can cause increased inflammation causing more pain...etc.   It's a hormone and chemical reaction by the immune system.

I'm not a doctor- just a Registered Nurse  

Better safe than sorry-  Contact a health care facility and get it checked if that is an option.

Chest pain has a few options, in no particular order.

1) Precordial catch.  Some medical journals doubt it exists-  I know my wife and I get them, and we are in good health.  Painful sharp pain with movement/breathing and dull pain when not moving/trying to find a comfortable position.  Felt 'in the ribs' it is believed to be a pinched nerve.  I get it when I stretch/strain something in a funny manner.  Completely beneign just annoying and painful.  No obvious cure, just wait it out and breathe regularly.  Try gentle stretching in the case that it is just a pinched nerve.

2) Cracked/broken rib.  Any obvious trauma recently?  even insignificant hits?  Probably best to get it checked.

3)  Pulled/torn muscle - might have spazm'd in your sleep.  Did you have it after waking up in the morning?

4) Pneumothorax.  Very VERY bad.  your lung is popped/collapsed, and getting air in your chest cavity.  See a doctor immediately, or you will likely die.  Look it up for symptoms.

5) Myocardial Infarction:  (Heart attack).  Many symptoms, and the greatest threat is denial.  Many people will ignore aching pain, chest pain that is now gone, crushing discomfort, heaviness, numbness, pressure/tightness.  Get checked out!  What do 1/3 heart attack victims have in common?  They die.  Immediate concern items include any changing colour, numbness/tingling in the face, neck, shoulders, arms and parts of the chest (referred pain), clamminess (cold sweats).  These are exacerbated by age, preexisting history, high blood pressure/cholesterol, drug use (and not just cocaine).

...a few others, these are the obvious ones.

I agree with the others.

It could be wind, it could be acid reflux, it could be cramp, but there is a chance, however small, of a heart problem.

Present yourself at your nearest emergency medical centre immediately - better to be embarrassed about taking gas to the A&E than being dead.