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Redwall: Molespeak. Answered

This is a test to see how ell you are at molespeak. Okee, Hyurr are 'ee roolz. You'm must commeent aneethin', as long as eet eez ritten een molyspeak. You'm can roite puggles an' rizzles, randoom seetences, ur aneethin' you'm loike, as loong as eet ain't rood ur meen.


Oi tell 'ee that hurr' be fione, at thurr' mole speakin'


Thees luke lyk alygater tulk in Pearls Before Swine strips.

oi sees that oi am nort orp to scrash. Must a-practise!

Top of the evenin' to ya, ye bally ruffians! I say, old chaps, hows about startin' up this ol' thread again, wot! It could have been a real learning experience...a real noggin' expansion for us hares! "Unfortunately, moi speak like a moller don' sound verry guud, bo hurr..."

Eet is furr ee to test yurr skeelz at speekin' loike a mole, hurr hurr.

wot du eck' iz da point o' eez topic?

are 'ee te moofinatar?

you know... muffinator?..

I don't think i know what a muffinator is... good job with the molespeak though.

Muffins :D (I don't know what it is either... but its funny)