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Removing someone else's comments! Answered

I'm sure this must be covered somewhere but I can't figure out how to get rid of someone's inappropriate comments on my Instructable.  Any help is appreciated.  I went to the comment, clicked flag.  Marked as inappropriate.  Does it just take a few days?
I don't want my project to be a platform for a loudmouth that isn't even speaking about the project.


By the way, if it's a number of comments from the same user, you can also send a PM to Randy, the I'bles Community Manager, and let him know your concerns.

Hi, I've noticed a lot of recent comments on one of my I'bles that have URLs in them and look like advertisements. I mean, something presumably intelligent took time to write more than just a URL in the comment but it still seems to be a shill. Is this flaggable or just let it go?

Yes, indeed! Use the flag link next to the Reply button, and choose "Spam."

I see one I'ble and a lot of positive comments, so your action must have worked.


"Flag" is the way to go, but that function is human-operated.

Allow for them to plough through piles of flags, and for time-zones etc.

Oh, and there's always the chance that the staff disagree with the reason you've flagged it.

Thanks. I thought (at first) it would just go away but didn't realize there were "humans" involved. Thanks. I'll be patient.