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Rotten Apple Answered

Who is this Guy?? All I wanted was to warn people about the danger of using pop tab chainmail armor. Suddenly I am the subject of crap campain??? If You do'nt get what the gist of it was GIVE UP!!AND SHUT UP!!! Your continued slams only accentuate Your stupidity!!!
 As a result of the affore mentioned slam-a-thon I will no longer be loging on to this web site.
 Nor will I recomend it to anyone.
 I apoligize to the rest of the good folks who contribute very good and interesting things, however I do'nt think I should have to put up with degrading and STUPID e-mails just because I wanted to help!


Dammit, now I've got to bolt another extension on the bottom of my respect-o-meter!

(I know this is old but....)   you mean so it can read "lower"? 

When I think stupid, I think grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

honestly though, the lack of them are normally a (non) function of ignorance, rather then stupidity ;-) 
I must have missed something, again.  I am not sure who you are (s)talking about, or even what forum, really.

There is an old saying that goes something like:  Advice is not something that should be freely given to those that don't ask for it because:  Wise men don't need it, and fools won't heed it, so you are just talking to yourself.  But, sadly, it is never a good idea, either, to "bite the hand that feeds you"; so I am not siding with anyone.....just giving unwanted advice :-) 

 No one can escape partaking on the internet and not meet one 'Rotten Apple'. Thats how it is. I help out alot of people on this site, and the people who respond well, and they out number the rotten apples easily. 10 grateful people easily makes up for one unhappy moaner.

I'm not going to touch that comment at all..... ;-) 

"Helping" doesn't involve yelling and using lots of insults and exclamation marks. Meek suggestions are much more helpful.

I'd say the rotten apple in any situation would be a person who disrupts an otherwise placid setting.

Your intentions were good, but really? Who is Stupid enough to think pop tabs will save their life?<br />*Points gun* Give me your money!<br />*Wearing pop tab chainmail under clothes* Try it.<br />***<br />*Doctor* And what happened to this one?<br />