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Second Semester Car Drawings Answered

Well, the second semester is pretty much over and I'm getting hit hard with last second work so I figured I would put these up now for some input. If you didn't see my first semester drawings please do, but if you did you know that my company that I band all these designs to is called Veloci. Veloci is the name of the car company I would own someday in the very far future. If you like what I drew and are going to make one of these, tell me. I don't really care if you do make one but I would like to see how it would look in real life or scale size. As far as the cars here I designed: A pickup truck designed like a Bugatti Veyron, Dboye82 's H-pulse concept, Ford Focus ZX3 with Lambourghini styling, a semi-truck, and my company's first golf cart!

Please tell me what you think of my cars and if you have any suggestions for cars feel free to comment. I always like new/unique ideas.


Good job:)

Good! They look like cars from the Split/Second video game! They also look like McLaren F1s and Mp4s.

Nice. I like using styling off Lambourghini in general. They have good balance of curves and sharp edges.

Wellll then.... Ford Escape hopefully? Something not too boxy? I think SUV's are a little ineffective with today's gas prices. Thinking again though it could be worse, it could be a Scion XB

*XB is the name not a emoticon. =)