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Self-Stirring Cup Concept Answered

The cup doesn't really stir itself on its own, but it has a ball that fits into a groove that can be swirled around to mix up your tea and sugar. It's a funny concept that's looking for a manufacturer, but is there a problem with stirring out there that I'm not aware of?

Also, do you want to be swishing HOT tea in your hand in the morning before you've really woken up? Sounds like a noisy recipe for disaster to me and that's assuming you can keep the ball and cup together after a couple of washings.

via Neatorama


Might as well line up the lawyers for the product recall and lawsuits for the first person that happens to somehow swallow that marble...

theres probably a little strainer on the bottom so the marble wont come out.

There better be a strainer. I'm not sure people would buy cups that choke the user.

show me people who buy cups that cant choke them nothing can be (and i think nothing should be) done to stop a moron from harming himself (this forum thread is old but i really dont mind)

They could probably even mold the glass toroid to keep it in place but it was more of a sarcastic remark that someone will find fault and in this day and age where everyone wants to sue, at least one "genius" will need to have warnings on the glass that the contents are hot and see if there is lead leaching out of the pigments on the marble.

Gee, this looks perfect for the cupholder in the Ferrari...and for sipping on the autobahn...

. That would be funny, if it wasn't so true. . I'm with Kiteman; very aesthetic, but not very practical. Besides, I have a bad habit of losing my marbles. :)

As Tetranitrate would say "I like how that glass eye at the bottom of the glass follows you around as you sip your flaming shot of sambuca or ouzo..."

and when you swirl it, it makes a cyclone

One would have to tip the glass nearly upside down to displace the ball from the groove. Rock Candy balls? Nothing makes money like selling an item that requires a consumable component.

I had always wanted to buy (since I got my first Edmund Scientific Catelogue) a stirrer, but we have an instructable on one :-)

magnetic stirring

Users gently move the cup, like you would when swirling a glass of cognac

Oh, how much more French could you get?

Actually, I like the idea, on purely aesthetic grounds. It wouldn't replace the teaspoon (how would you get the sugar into the cup in the first place?), but I think the swirling action would be quite contemplative.

Not that I take sugar in my coffee anyway. Or milk.

Looks like their sugar is in cube form. I usually hold my cognac from the bottom, but I get the point. Even so, it's just asking for trouble.