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Semi-Solid Material? Answered

I was hoping anyone knew of or had a good suggestion for a material that fits my description. Either a rubber- like material that was softer (more malleable) than rubber, but tougher to prevent tearing or a putty-like material that would change to a firm solid when heat or a current was applied. I need something that can be molded to a specific shape and then hardened to hold that shape, but can later be returned to the non-molded shape.


You want a plastic like Shape Lock. It's a thermal plastic that becomes like silly putty when it reaches 150 degrees F. You can boil ti or use a hair dryer to make it moldable. Once cool it's a solid plastic.


Here is one project i did with the stuff. I've used it to make a replacement knob for a toaster oven, Unique pieces for my son to use on his Lego's and Knex, and even made a flash light clip for stand. You can form it in a mold or shape it free hand. Once cooled it a good durable plastic that can be cut, sanded and painted.


Another question since you have worked on it. Does it burn? Also, how long does it take to cool down?

Never took it past any point but i'm sure it does. It is plastic after all. It becomes clear as it heats up and will start to yellow if overheated. Never timed the cool down. Bring it to about 150 degrees and it's workable for a good 15 minutes or so before it starts going white again. But you can keep heating it to help keep it at moldable temps.

For those reading this in the 21st century, "150 degrees" = 65ºC, or the temperature of a hot cup of tea (or coffee).

(I believe Shapelock / polymorph actually starts to soften at around 60ºC.)

Yes it starts to soften at around 60C but isn't vary workable. Ideally you want it about 65C. Also if your reworking a chunk 60c won't penetrate all the way to the center.