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Share a photo of you in your happy (making) place! Answered

I was in my garage the other night creating a big mess and a lot of noise, when I looked down and realized I was covered with sawdust and wood shavings.

My immediate thought was, "This is my happy place!" . . . and I decided to snap a photo. 

Got a photo of you in your happy (making) place?

Whether you're surrounded by yards of fabric, hands covered in clay, whipping up something tasty, soldering iron in hand . . . we'd love to see some photos of you doing what you love--making stuff!

I've got some pro memberships to give away, and maybe even a few robot t-shirts! 

This is a standing offer. Share a comment and a photo below!


"Me" was busy, but Mr. Mess wanted to come over and say hi

I wanted to share a before and after picture, but there is no such a thing as 100% done, so I can only share a "half-after" picture if anyone is interested ;)


Well, I'll see your workdesk and raise you with my mess...organized chaos.

Good use of an upturned tabletop and I like that you mounted a vise and that paper towel holder. Dunno about keeping your tools on the wall with the pointy things exposed.

Messy desk contest!!!


I've now changed the whole thing to 3 white melamine boards that I found. Pointy things exposed? Screwdrivers?

I've changed the whole setup, but one thing hasn't changed:


It's those pair of scissors in your pliers rack. You'll take an eye out if your bend down over it to reach for something...

Oh, those scissors aren't sharp, and I can't even reach that part with my head. I don't need to bend over, because all of the tolls are either at shoulder height, or higher :)

hmm maybe I'm too late I've been stalled on my latest project waiting for a chain saw I think I'll have one in a few weeks!

I am always happy to work in our Home Garden

Picture 001.jpg

2 years ago

This is a picture of me, taken by a hacker friend at our local hackerspace. I'm cutting a piece of PCB for one of my projects, and wearing my T-shirt that says 'Makers gonna make'. Definitely a pic of me in my happy place!



I love the shirt, as well as the fancy apron. Very cool, thank you for the photo!

Thanks! It's a kilt from Blaklader, they're a swedish manufacturer of workwear. Very comfy and sturdy, loads of pockets, you might want to get one yourself too!

I have two happy places, depending on what I am making - my shed (where most of my tools live) or my conservatory (where my laser cutter lives).


Well, that was easy. You win a t-shirt!

Check your inbox :)

Hey, two photos . . you are an overachiever!

Two happy places, twice as happy!

I know finnishing is most peoples least favorite part of any project but I find it super satisfying putting the finishing touches to any project, this includes sanding through all the grits and ending up with something glassy smove an so nice you necer want to let it go. .. PS that does look like a super nice mask you are sporting.


Nice! That's a great photo, thanks for sharing it. What are you making there? Got a photo of it completed? :)

Here's a link to that mask I'm wearing. I really like it--it's been especially useful for power carving, but it comes in handy all the time.

bloomin eck, thats a lot more affordable than the mask i thaught it was.. i have a want for the trend mask with air feed in.. not because i need it but because i think it looks better than respirator an mask when working with woods like iroko which makes me sneeze instantly when im not wareing a mask.

incidentally I made a little plate or platter with through inlay.. the white stuff is holly from a tree i helped cut down after it had become dangerouse, i dryed it in boards before cutting thin strips the with of my bandsaw blade, then cut the sepeley bowl blank in arks and glued the holly where the saw curth was. makeing one white line at a time and being carefull to ensure all the grane continued to line up each time.. this became easier with more wite parts to use as reference. the plate was turned in the way most turners would make a plate or a dish,, Ill probably make an ible about it as soon as someone asks me to make a bowl or a plate or if theres a compertition which fits the creation of one..


That is a really, really cool inlay. Super impressive.

That would make a great instructable; I hope you'll write up the process sometime.

Thanks buddy. I do plan to make an ible for it. Its not difficult as a project but a little frustrating being the glue up takes so long . being you do around about 5 minutes at a time before having to wait a day. Here is another example with the addition of drill holes filled with little holly dowels. An the wood is mahogany which is close to sapeley but much more attractive.


That's a pretty awesome face shield you've got. You could make that into something from 2001 space odyssey.