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Should Adrian's guide be featured? Answered

I just added Adrian's Guide to Robot Projects to the Robot group. Hopefully Robot will notice and be suitably impressed :-)


Ummmm...It's been pointed out that this was slightly inappropriate (the featurer has suggested that he might not have done so if he saw this topic first). Should I delete it?

. I don't think I would go as far as calling it inappropriate, but, IMNSHO, it is counter-productive to try to turn Featuring into a popularity* contest.
. A better approach might be to PM a member of the Feature Team, saying something like: "So-and-so just posted a GREAT ible <link>. I think it's Feature-worthy (you may want to list a few reasons why you think it is). Check it out."

  • Not that "will this be popular" shouldn't be a consideration when Featuring

I fully agree -- Featuring shouldn't be about popularity. It should be about completeness, appropriateness, composition and skill. I wasn't trying to change that. It'd be cool if the staff were to support a "Feature Team" group e-mail (sort of like the "flag" system) for that purpose.

. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but the idea of ~~SPAMming~~ mass-mailing the FT seems like an open invitation to abuse. I feel confident that any member of the FT will pay attention if kelseymh (or any other respected Ibles member) PMs them with a suggestion. They may not agree with you, but they will give it due consideration. ;) . Who's on the Feature Team is no big secret, but most members seem to desire a low profile.

Who's on the Feature Team is no big secret,

Well, some of those on the Feature Team is no big secret, but then, there are those of us that
#1: either can't remember long enough to form a list in their heads,
#2: just aren't in the loop enough to know ;-)

I think I understand why someone might say that, but I don't personally have a problem with this thread (except that it makes me jealous j/k). :-)

You should thank killerjackalope :-) It looks to me like he was doing the featuring (and writing his comment), at the same time I was creating this post.

Here's a fan-club you can really use.


IKEA fans are more, um, affordable :-) on my budget anyways

NO-it offended me horribly. It was poorly written and left out all the good projects. Shame on her. :P