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Should I go when she asked me out? Answered

I told my friend that I like her more than a friend, but she does not like me like the way I do to her...
I no that she still likes me as a normal friend, but I just want more than that...I've tried so many ways to impress her, even though I was publishing her photo on my facebook...and she was angry at me...and of course I had to delete that photo.
She said that she does not want a boyfriend right nw...and maybe she will think about me if she does want one in the future...
I also thought that was because I'm Asian and she's white...so we can never be together...but she said no...
And I feel really sad coz she wants me 2 stop everyfin and also wanna break our friendship (I'm not sure that she wants to or not)
Suddenly, another friend wants to take me out for coffee coz she thinks that I seem so down......so should I go or not?



One, if you want to impress learn to spell and use proper grammar. Two, the facebook picture thing is borderline stalking and at least creepy (from her perspective) back off. Three, stop being so racist against yourself, the fact that you're Asian has nothing to do with it beyond her personal interest. Four, stop being "sad coz..." truth is people get rejected all the time, get over it. Five, go have a cup of coffee with your friend and try to cheer up a tad bit.

i agree with fuogger...sound advice...although i might add that if you honestly like her, listen to these guys and back off a bit...if she likes you back then when she's ready for a bf SHE'LL come to YOU...

Yes you should go out with the friend who wants to cheer you up.

You should take every opportunity to spend time with the opposite sex.  Even if it is just a FRIENDLY relationship.

That way you will get to be very confident around girls and when you get a chance to have one as more than a friend you'll have an easier time of it.

Just consider it as research and practice.

This is sound advice. Once you are in a relationship you need to be able to talk and enjoy each other's company, there is a LOT more time spent doing that than other stuff, whatever you may imagine ;-)

1) If someone isn't interested, they aren't interested. Back off and get over it, or you risk driving her into not even being a friend.

2) Going out for coffee is just going out for coffee. Don't read more into it than that. If you'd accept the invitation from a guy, accept it from the gal; if you would decline, decline.