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Should I post an Instructable which is very similar to one posted a year ago? Answered

 I came up with a 'fantastic idea'; I made it, I took photos while doing so, I uploaded my photos, and had just started to write up the steps...when I decided to use the Instructables "Search" so I could root around previous submissions to come up with a great title for my 'great submission'.

That's when it happened, I found a submission really similar to my new unique and great idea.
So this is the dilemma --do I post or do I abandon?

Thank you!


I add this post only to echo what the others have said already:  Post it!

*perhaps just to encourage more confidence in the idea...


Post it!  You didn't copy the earlier idea, apparently (but it's still nice to reference it), so this is still your project.

...And I'm glad you did post.  Congrats :-)

If the site can endure 150,000 K'nex guns that only differ from each other in the shape of the trigger guard, plus 999 "How to make an LED throwie" instructables (really, this one's totally different 'cause we're using blue duct tape!) then I think that yours should be fine. If you can find a way to put a different spin on it or develop an improved build process or something, that would be great, though.

One approach might be to mention and link it the other instructable, and explain it in a different manner. Since everyone learns differently this could provide additional clarity.

Perhaps you might take a second look at your idea and see if you can improve on it even more or do something to give it a unique twist.

Or you could put it up as is and mention the other instructable in your introduction as an additional resource of a like minded individual.

Since you came up with this on your own and you show courtesy and acknowledge the other author's efforts, I see nothing wrong with sharing your endeavors. (You might also want to check what copyright setting the other author used. )

I would reccomend you look at the other persons instructable first and make sure it's not TO close to yours. Or you can get their permission if their still around.