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Should i post single shot disk launcher pocket pistol? Answered

small pocket sized but very weak and cause of design trigger will fall off


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Best Answer 8 years ago

No, there is a better disk launcher already made by knex_pls.

Now I got it so it works really good now.  I put the blue rod that lets the triggerrotate and put a few more orange connectors on so there is only one space for the trigger to go through which makes it more stable and fixed the triger so it won't fall off.  It is very painfull to launch from point-blank range but not very effective at 25-30 ft.   It is, like i said, moded, so it will have none of the con's of the first version except for the handle.  people can mod the handle (well, all of the gun, but the handle needs the most help) to their liking.  I will post a pic when I get my camera working.

Alright, ill try to perfect it anyways though because i like it although the trigger falls off which is dumb.

Change the orange connector the trigger is resting on into a yellow connector.  That should help.