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Simple Electronic Help Answered

I'm currently building a small hybrid solar panel car for a school sompetition(runs off of batteries or solar), and I need a bit of wiring help, here's my problem and some other stuff. I have 2 SPDT switches and 1 DPDT switch. I'm using one of the spdt switch for on and off, the other to switch from solar to battery, but i need help for the dpdt. There's 2 sets of solar panels (2 pairs of 3 hooked in series, for simplicity sake, I'm just going to say 2 solar panels), and I want to hook them up to the dpdt switch and the motor and the battery so that: I can turn on/off the motor (easy), switch between solar and battery (easy), and switch between paralell solarpanels or series (what I'm having problems with), any help?


I figured it out, here's a schematic of what I did (the solarpanels are the batteries that say solar panel cause I couldn't find simbol for them)

Solar car schematic.bmp

My paint skillz with a mouse is rough. I hope this helps if I figured it out correctly. As usual, always get a second opinion or consult a professional as I have not tested out this circuit and do not want a puff of blue smoke to appear.


Actually copper, steel wires are rarely used in electronic circuits...

Hmm? I was referring to your "paint skillz" vs. your comics ;-P

I know, I probably caught the punniness from Goodhart. Where is he when you need him? I never got around to investing in a good graphics tablet.

Goodhart is punny? I'm normally good at puns, I just need to remember material sciences at 11:30 ;-) Graphics tablets are nice... but they're a tad expensive.

That's what he thinks...j/k You just need to have the Force be with you...

Ah, so thats what it is.
Hold on, I have to figure out a way to apply band-aids to my tounge. Ih urhs!

Damn, I'm tired. I caught the whole pun on metals, but I forgot steel = iron.

Sorry, I take that back, I think the striped yellow/red wire will short out the parallel connection and brown wire will short out the series connection. You may need another switch to kill the conflicting path. Double throw, triple pole?

yeah, I've been running into the same problem, maybe tomorow I'll make a table or approach this systematically and not just guessing, but I'm tired right now. How would you get a puff of blue smoke from a switch? lol, no ICs here

If you happen to stuff a wall switch back into the switchbox and it pinches the right wire, when you flick it on, you can get a nice spark and fizzle with a puff of white smoke. Good thing the house circuit breaker tripped and cut off the current.

Can you tell us will the 2 sets of solar panels be used together all the time or did you want to have it wired to see if you get more power out of running the 2 sets of solar panels in series or in parallel circuit?

Or just switch between each set of solar panels so that you have a backup solar panel set?

THey will work together in either a parralel or a series circuit (determined by the dpdt). SUpposedly parallel is better for low sun and series is better in bright sun