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Simple (I hope) Treadmill Incline indicator Answered


I have an older treadmill that has a button to control the incline, but doesn't display the incline. I have a treadmill program app on my iPhone that guides me through a exercise session by telling me to set the speed and incline many times throughout the 30 minutes I am on the treadmill. 

I would like to build something to display the incline as I adjust it. 

I have just enough memory from all my childhood Radio Shack projects learning to not be afraid to attempt this and also the vast knowledge of the internet :)

I have already calculated and marked the incline differences on the frame of the treadmill near my feet but I can't really see it well.

I figure a small LED display would work best. I can visualize running wires up and down the frame to the LED display to an arm that will move with the treadmill while hitting contacts. I am sure I can get this to work but it sure seems like a lot of wires so I feel I am missing something.

If anyone has any suggestions about an easy way to do this or can draw me a diagram of what I would need, I would be forever grateful.

Cindy in Indy


I'm guessing that, as the incline changes, one end of the machine goes up or down?

Simply add a vertical pole with a pointer that indicates on a scale beside the pole. No electronics, no complex mechanisms, just a direct reading off a scale.

Basically a Protractor with a Pointer on a post 90* to the walking platform.

There are plenty of free apps for your iPhone that will allow you to use the phone as a level. Mount the phone on the treadmill and use the app to measure your incline.

That is how I confirmed my math was correct, buy using an app to tell me the incline. Like Dad taught, measure twice, mark once -- math + app. :)

I am pondering now how to best get Kiteman's suggestion to work for me. Like he said, I am considering a rod that moves with the incline. Now I just have to figure out how to secure it to the frame, yet allow it to move freely but accurately. I am sure I have something in the garage that will work.

Thanks to both suggestions,
Cindy in Indy

Thing is, he's already using the iPhone to tell him what to do during his routine.