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Simple Trick for Drawing Proportioned Human Figures Freehand Answered

I discovered a simple system that makes it easier to draw a human figure freehand with well proportioned and positioned body parts. This video will show you how to do it (very easy). Basically you draw 3 overlapping stars and they show you the proportions.

To make the figure look taller / skinnier move the 2 main stars a little further apart. Or if the person looks too narrow move the 2 main stars closer together.

Towards the end of the video I show a couple other pieces of artwork that I could show you how to make if you want.


Your idea is good for beginners, I think. On my part, I can draw that without stars. I get more confuse with the stars on it.

Very interesting technique. Don't think I've ever heard of this one before. You should keep up the good work. :)

You trick sounded too good to be true...
Tried it and the result still looks ugly as :(
Guess the best tricks are uttterly useless if there is absolutely no drawing skills at all ROFL
But you can check the original from Da Vinci as well in regards to the human proportions.
In any case I really would like to be able to do proper hand drawings, but I guess noone was listening when it came to handing out this talent to kids ;)

Great tip about Da Vinci. Not that it would help me. I am awful at drawing properly proportioned figures. Have never been able to do it, using any tip or trick.

But perfection isn't the point of art. Just take a look the work of at some of the most famous artists throughout history. I would love to be able to do "proper hand drawings" too, but I have given up on the idea and just started drawing free hand and letting it turn out however it turns out. And my drawings have suddenly gotten much better. The only problem is that I can't draw anything specific, like a portrait of someone famous, and make it recognizable. So I stick to imaginary subjects.

My point is, if you like to draw, just go ahead and do it. Don't stop to worry about whether you have talent or not. Just have fun with it.