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So long cruel world! Answered

Well I wasn't that active in making guns, but I think I should move on to bigger things. I will still lurk around instructables, however you wont see me doing knex guns unless I have an ingenious new idea that I'm sure I can portray correctly. I will probably be making instructables pertaining to: Art, Guitar, Video games, and other things, that is all goodbye and goodnight! P.S: 5th pic is an experimental curved mag I was developing around a year ago to go on my mp7, anyone is welcome to use it as long as they give me proper credit and link me to the instructable/slideshow.


Have you even made and posted a gun?

Nope, I could never build one that ended up well.

I had an idea for a Frisbee flinger that I never made though.

I also had designs for a knex mini-gun that fired rubberbands and used a "String" mechanism, a knex Fa-mas, and a knex MP7. The last two were canceled because I simply didn't have enough pieces.

So you are still keeping your knex though right?

I wouldn't say that... I'd tell him to give em to me!

Are you kidding me?! You are the one saying "I got a lot of knex from so and so" I don't have that much.

Hey I didn't get THAT much.  Donations are donations are donations.

I still think I have less than you. But... my dad might buy me some off ebay.

PIC 3 is the best. and true!

aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2nd pic

That second picture is freaky. O_o

So long nerd buddy.

I can still be your nerd buddy, just not so much knex involved >.<