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So much for Airport Security, eh? Answered

Lateral Thinker forwarded this one to me and I thought it would be of general interest.

Two people suspected of stealing up to 1000 pieces of luggage from baggage claim carousels at a US airport have been arrested by police who found piles of the stolen bags strewn throughout their home.

There were so many suitcases that Phoenix police could only give a rough estimate of their number...

Go here for the 'rest of the story'...



Ha! Sometimes I seriously wonder about those carousels, I always stand right next to where it comes out.

I haven't flown in anything bigger then a 2 seater, so I haven't a clue about it "in person" but I have heard and seen enough illustrations to wonder about it.

The bags come out along a conveyer belt for you to collect.

Yeah, seen it on the movies a few times....but never up close and personal :-)

 Nothing to it really, you haven't missed too much.

Indeed.   The 2 seater though, that was interesting taking off and landing (it was hard to concentrate when I was in the air looking at the countryside, as my ears hurt so much).    :-)

 I had that once, I was 13 but god it hurt!!!

Yeah, being in my 40's at the time, I was able to think about how to equalize the pressure a bit.  :-)    It didn't remove the pain altogether, but it did to somme degree.

 My first experience of beef jerky ever, t'was sweet happiness to have something to chew on.

I'll be on more this week, I'm at mum's place, sorry for being offline for most of this week.

No need to apologize :-)  We all do whatever we can, when we can

: )

Yeah, I love Instructables but I can hardly ever get on at dad's house.

Unfortunately, baggage handlers seem to steal more than passengers. Never check anything too valuable.

well, it looks like these two were trying to turn those statistics around ;-) 

Wow, they got away with it for quite a while! They made off with a thousand too many suitcases! How could security miss their shenanigans?? Perhaps the TSA was too busy harrassing Star for wearing LEDs on her shirt. :-P

Security doesn't care anymore what you do once you leave the plane,  just don't carry and skin lotion ONTO the plane ! 

Trick is to run from the plane to the baggage carousel, then stand right next to the hole where it comes out and watch it like a hawk

 That's what I do, 'cept I stand like I'm an important. hidden security guard or something. People give you a wide berth...

Official looking clothing (long trench coat, etc) help   :-) 

Lol. Did the guards ever give you a hassle?
Wait, let me guess...No?

Well, I would suppose that sometimes that is not always possible....but you could probably still get as close as you can....to make sure someone else doesn't make off with your stuff......You could always get a guard to challenge someone to produce ID....

Why? Sure, a few suitcases may have money or other valuable stuff, but I'm sure mostly it would be clothes...

Some may have laptops (if the person is not expecting to use one on the plane).

I know, but like I said, most of it would most likely be clothes.
And I don't think a Mickey Mouse tee shirt is a lot on the black market.

I thought you were going to give me a link...*Slowly shakes head in disbelief*

No, I just meant if you have "knock off copies" they are not looked on too well by the Disney Empire....but the licensed ones can go for a pretty penny (as far as t-shirts go)

Lol@ your article.  Did you think the one I linked you to was funny?

Yes, to some extent, but kind of sad too.
Hmm, well in a sarcastic kind of way

Mrs. Luggage thief is sporting her "whoopsies" face. ô.Ó'
Mr. Luggage thief is sporting his "'Oh, FINE!  You never want to do what I want to do. Well, I BIRTHED YOUR CHILDREN!' she said. " face. >_<