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Solar - Powered Batteries Answered

Check out these cool batteries!
  • Their creator is Knut Karlsen.
See what he said:
At home i always have some batteries lying around, either rechargeable or normal ones. Usually they are empty, but i'd like them to be always fully charged. I could use a normal charger and there is a lot of solar devices that charge rechargeable batteries. I wanted it simpler; why hasn't anyone made a battery with integrated solar cells? The idea of the "SunCat" batteries where born. The batteries should just bask in the sun like a cat and left for a while, in a sunny window, they would slowly recharge.
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8 years ago

can you show us how to make them

I have some ideas, and hunches, but there is no tutorial or anything on the net....

where did you get that film from im in uk
i want to make solar cell charge battries by day then switch via a photo cell to power l e ds can you be pf any help for wireing

They're a nice idea, but do they actually work?

I don't see any diode there to keep the charge flowing the right way, so is it possible these are just mock-ups to show the idea?

the diode can be a tiny film hidden in the cell and aint the cell itself semiconductor anyway ?

It is, but "semiconductor" does not mean "one way current". Batteries can discharge through solar cells that are not putting out their full voltage.

if the cells are equivalent to voltage source and resistor (like batteries) then yes if they are equivalent to that and diode then no i dont know of the properties of solar cells. but i think very possible that they do act like diode