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Soooo... What can IR LEDs be used for? Answered

I have three of them that I found in a Furby. What can I do with them and the rest of the Furby?



I realize this particular post/comment is extremely old. However, this is actually a correct as well as really smart idea for using infared l.e.d. lights. It would absolutely work. Wouldn't be that tough to do either. Find yourself a nice set of binnoculars and some really small infared L.E.D. lights and a small power source.. simply glue the infared l.e.d. lights around the edge of each lense housing of the binnoculars.. then when you have your powersource figured out and connected to the infared lights.. simply turn it on and turn off the lights to test it out. I guarantee it will work. I made something similar to this a few years ago. It's not quite like having a genuine set of 'nightvision' optics.. but for the price, its a very good alternative.

Make a simple LED torch to flash messages to passing police helicopters.

I wouldn't recommend that. ;) To say it as nice as I can.

Build a dirtyMIRT ala ihacked

its a Do It Yourself Mobile Infra Red Transmitter.

I suppose (I can't open it from work, I am blocked from the site) it is an IR transmitter similar to the TV remote, but more useful and maybe even programmable.

Sorry guys, that was a really quick and non-descriptive comment i left... Goodheart is on the right track, but not correct in the specifics... A MIRT is an IR transmitter, but it has a very specific usage (not indicated by the acronym)... BEFORE I CONTINUE, PLEASE NOTE THAT OWNING OR CONSTRUCTING A MIRT IN THE UNITED STATES IS A FEDERAL CRIME. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF MY LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. Most, if not all, traffic lights in the US have an attached Infra-Red Reciever... It looks like a small camera with a long tubular shroud and is normally attached to the beam that supports the light bars... one points in each lane that is subject to the light. Certain emergency vehicles have a device called a MIRT that is mounted inside the cab for extremely urgent use. The MIRT, when activated, pulses a signal to the lights IR reciever that causes the lane sending the signal to have absolute priority, I.E. they get green, and no one else does. The DirtyMIRT is a homemade version of the MIRT that brute-forces the required codestring and then stores it to be transmitted when required... It is highly illegal, but a seriously powerful piece of kit... I do not recommend using one, as it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that something fishy is going on, and the cops do not like people messing with the US land-bound transit system... think Gitmo. in the UK, if the same system exists, the traffic cams would make any such actions immediately apparent to the authorities... I REPEAT, DON'T BUILD OR USE THIS PROJECT

BTW: thank you for the correction and the information...

Yeah, I am sorry my details were lacking. I tried to visit the dirty MIRT ala ihacked site, but was blocked (since I am at work) and could only surmise it's purpose. Gee I hope I don't get into trouble for that bit of indiscretion.

wire 60 super-super-super IR LEDS together. That would be one helluva tv-B-gone.

That would be hard, because you need to program the IC with the different codes for a television.

But you can add them to a TV B Gone and increase the range.

thats a good idea. also, along the same lines: stereo remot be gone, remote controlled loudspeakers in kids room be gone and ir controlled model tanks with loud noise be gone.

If you wire them into a cap, like in Kiteman's UV Costume, then you can use them to mask your face on CCTV.

does that work on all cameras, or only cheap ones?

It should only work on night vision and cheap ones. Normal cameras have an IR filter in front of the sensor. IR focuses slightly differently than visible light, so it make a picture look fuzzy.

Personally i think the furby's hopeless. as for the IR led's, if you have a robosapien, roboraptor or robo-whatever you can use it to essentially remote control them. they use IR sensors to find walls and other objects so that they can move around it. place an IR led infront of it and it will turn.

Well. You have half of a range sensor then!

it has to be chung lees wii remote touchscreen thing