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Sound Proofing A Wall...? Need Cheap Ideas That Work... Answered

Hey Everybody I Need Some Advice On How To Sound Proof A Wall Between Mine And My Room Mates Room...It Seams At One Time There Was A Door There But Someone Took The Door  Out And Replaced With Drywall...There Seams To Be A 3 Inch Depth And Would Really Like To Use This Space For Egg Cartons Or Other Ideas...Please Let Me Know No Matter How Crazy Thank You...


One other thing you could do is measure the door opening, and then go to one of those home improvement re-usit stores (that sell materials pulled from homes that are getting remodeled), like Habitat for Humanity; and get yourself another door to fit the opening. You should be able to get an "inside" door for around $10. Then fit the door into the opening (over the old one), and just put some thin rigid foam between. You'll have to make sure there are no gaps at the bottom, but it may be your cheapest option.

As Re-design says, carpet padding works well, as well as thick towels hanging about an inch away from the wall, but just so you know, it has to cover the whole area that you want to block sound from passing through. It seems like you are hoping to block sound across an entire wall be putting something up on part of it... that will not work. (Not sure if I'm reading your question right, but that's just how I read it.)

hang carpet padding in the wall. It's cheap and will really muffle the sound.

The stuff they use in cars, metal backed foam would be the best