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Sound from computer TO midi w/ speakers? Answered

I picked up guitar again, and found that my MIDI keyboard has a good set of speakers. I have a MIDI to USB cable currently, as well as some 1/4" and 3.5 mm jack cables. The ports on the back of the keyboard are Sustain, Headphones in,  Midi In/Out, and power supply.
Computer has USB of course, mic in, and headphone out. This is my last resort, as there are no other good speakers that I can use.
I want the sound live if possible, too.
I'm totally stumped. Even vague answers will help.


Hey, you took it from my school. Mine is PSR-E423. You wanna do it like your computer speakers? Yes, connect your computer's primary out put, get a adapter, like the picture shown, put it in your keyboard, (I meant organ, man) OK? I have got some 16:9 images for you to look............. Heavy and high quality upload ;)


Midi won't support Audio out !

There is no audio in to the keyboard, so unless you want to do some internal work, you can't do it.


+1... also you have to remember that MIDI is a digital signal and your guitar signal is analog, so you would need some very complex conversion based on the type of information that is contained in a MIDI signal.

+1 back at ye ;-)

Not just that, but MIDI is the equivalent of saying "Take a bass guitar type instrument and play these notes" it ISN'T digital music.

You want to use your keyboard as computer speakers?