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Special Effects Answered

Hey guys, Our first topic is making special effects with explosions and fire. The goal is to make a way to make safe special effects explosions and make them look realistic. Movie quality special effects on the chaep and/or on the safe. Please, dont copy the ideas of others. And we still except all other transmissions of diffrent ideas.


Set your shoe on fire for special effects

Thats easy, I don't even need an instructable for that one. All u need is cheap plastic shoes and and lighter fuel.

Hmm, plastic shoes... Burning... I wouldn't want to be the doctor removing pieces of burnt, smelly, plastic from some 15 year old's charred, blistered foot...

Sorry, I meant to say that the method only uses these elements. I'll make an Instructable and show you. The method is film editing. Cloth shoes do work better though and can be wore right after you film the scene, but plastic looks more realistic. The items you will need are a pair of old pants, cloth or plastic shoes, a lighter, lighter fuel, a piece of thick long wood , and a whole bunch of film talent...