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Stainless steel. Minimum PSI rating? Answered

G'day I have done the obvious searches, with no luck... So I was wondering.... Does anyone know if stainless steel tubing, has a minimum standard PSI rating? I ask this because today at work I found a hidden stash of old Stainless tubing.... It's cheap because it isn't a carried line anymore.... But the manufacturer or any trace of packaging/PSI is long since gone.... I'm talking $8 AU for a 6metre length of 16mm Stainless with a wall thickness of 1mm, and $12 for a 6m of 30mm .... Is there anyway of telling what PSI rating, it would have from the gauge or internal seam..? I am aware that most stainless for pressure is generally around your 1000PSI+ mark, just wanted to query you knowledgable folk, before using it for high PSI... I would appreciate any help, because I can't hide these lil' babies much longer.... There is about 15 length's of each... Thank in advance... ;)


. The burst pressure of most small-diameter (1/2" and less), seamless SS tubing is in the 10000-20000 psi range. Working pressure is ~7000-14000 psi. Depends on wall thickness and type of SS used. . Search for "stainless tubing +psi" for more info.

Yeah sorry I did mention it not seemless, that's what is concerning me.. It's 1mm wall.... What's concerning me more, is that eprhaps this is crudey curtain rail and NOT psi rated at all..... But given that it is stainless, it has a wall of 1mm and it has a smooth seam with no thinning to the wall.... I would imagine that physically a minmum ratind would be achieved... Are you sure standard available stainless tube has a 10000-20000Psi range? I have been told several times now, that generally it would be around 1000-3500 range... 10-20 thousand sounds like a very high grade with an incredibly thick wall to it.... Not stuff you would buy at a hardware store...plumber's co-op.. etc.... Just checking as you have confused me now... I have heard one person who managed to get hold of some like that from a manufacturing plant, It was off a extremley high pressure processing machine...

. I'm going by the tubing I've worked with (definitely high quality seamless stuff for instrument work) and a quick Google search. I don't know what you have, so take my figures with a grain of salt. . With welded tubing, you can sometimes see the discoloration, caused by the high heat of welding, along the seam. . You can always run a hydrostatic test to about 2-2.5 times the pressure you'll be using and know for sure.

Yes I will run a pressure test, with it behind my blast wall (the side brick wall of the house... LoL