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Standing desk Answered

Check out the new standing desk that I built yesterday.

My previous standing desk was working just fine, it just wasn't in the kitchen. Kitchen gravity has been pulling me out of the spare bedroom/office and into the kitchen, where everyone else hangs out. Working on my laptop at the kitchen table was killing my wrists, so I mounted a proper setup to the wall. The LCD is held to the wall with an Ergotron Lx Wall Mount, and the Kensington 60044 Keyboard tray (also seen in my Ergonomic Workstation ), is mounted to a small shelf built from triangular brackets, 2x4's, and a plywood top surface.

It seems to be working pretty well, and the kitchen now appears to a have "helm."

I've got an Instructable in progress on the keyboard shown in the pictures, so look for that soon.
How to make a vertical, ergonomic tie-fighter keyboard is done!

See the on-the-go version of this standing desk here in Handy Tricks Six.


That's really awesome. The Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side arm is solid and well-built. I was really impressed, by how well the various components fit together; you won’t have any concerns of it falling apart on you.

I like this, makes me think it should be attached to a big machine on a shop-floor. The 'not having to sit down' bit has obvious advantages. L

well that was a little obvious i guess im not that good of a touch typist so i'd be rocking back and forth looking at the keys

how do you type with the keyboard split in half? or does it just fold together

Awesome! Thats sweet!


11 years ago

whats is the purpose of a standing desk? i like to sit.

I sit all day at work. I like to mix things up, work in different positions, and generally move around.