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Start Rating!!! Answered

A lot of people are complaining about the new Rating Sytem. Well, here's the thing, if you don't rate, these ratings won't become balanced, and they'll stay that way forever!

Rating isn't hard, just choose how many stars an Ible or topic deserves!

Even if its just a forum topic, rate it!

It won't take your time! We need to get these ratings moving!

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


Ok, I agree that more people need to start rating. I am not computer illiterate and have not been able to figure out exactly HOW to give a rating on a particular project. Which screen is it? Where is it? I can't help wondering if it's as hard for others as is is for me... and that could explain the missing ratings.

Go to the right on the screen. Find the stars, and click on 1 to 5 to give your rating.

I was thinking it would be simple, but believe it or not no stars appear on the right side of my screen. I see the current rating and number of views, but no stars. I thought it might be like Netflix, but again, no stars. After reading your reply I did pass my pointer across the screen above the rating and the rating scores in blue appear next to the current rating as if the stars are there. Do they only show up for Pros? I'll contact the Robot to see what's up. Thanks.

It has probably something to do with your settings or flash.

Who has been complaining?

You mean Everybody, and I haven't seen anybody complaining.

i know, I meant everybody. Open your eyes.

I know just clarifying. Hmmm... do you dislike it.

Yeah, I don't like the star ratings system.

A change that just doesn't work too well.

All righty then, thats settled. Not many like it.

The best part about the new system is that you CAN rate everything, even if its mediocre. Like this topic. 2 STARS FOR YOU! (Don't worry, I gave more ;-))

Now that there are multiple ratings, I can vote in secrecy!

Wha?! 10 ratings all gave it just a 2.48?!

Apparently some people gave it a .5 rating, which brings it down instead of up.

Haha.... vote for my ibles in the book contest or I'll rate you 0.5 on EVERYTHING!!!

That actually made me want to rate all your ibles 0.5!