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Strange sound on my Nerf Hailfire-what is it? Answered

Hello! Nerfrock' here! Just recently I decided to fire up my good old Nerf Hailfire again-but this time, something was different. When I pulled the acceleration trigger, the motor started up fine, but when it got up to full speed, it started making this wierd vibrating 
sound as if it were a motorcycle being pedaled up and down. Even with all my Nerf modding experience, I am baffled... Does any other nerfer (or anyone in general) know what it is? Do I just need to change the batteries, or is it something else (I hope not) .



My guess is that one of the gears or wheels inside the motor is lopsided. Do the darts still fire

Yes they still fire, and that's a good suggestion! But I really can't tell. I'll see if I can do something about it.


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