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TRigger ideas for a ball valve air cannon Answered

Hey is any one searching for a trigger mechanism for there ball valve operated air cannon well here it is a http://rokclan.com.net.sc then go to my inventions then advanced high powered rifle


Nice way around the ball valve prob.... Unless my memory fails me.... I'm pretty sure I learnt this method, awhile ago on an ible... ? I was going to do this but when a garden spray nozzle that has a "push button" instantanious release, pistol grip etc is only $5.00.... I found that princible more appealng... What type of pressure chamber is hanging off the back of that? Nice loading mech... ;) And if you don't mind.... What pressure do you run at? what type of ammo? Mine is similair in priciple to yours.... good to see.. Maybe and Instuctable??

ok i didnt think you could get push button one but o well atm i have only a soda bottle that i pump up to round 80psi and most of the time i use marbles or home made blow gun darts

My first one something similar to this..... Unfortunatley due to the fact that I am MORE than aware of the various dangerous aspects of these weapons..... I'd get the shakes, everytime I sighted up and placed the 90PSI chamber next to my face.... Hence after ALOT of refinement.... I have a "Safe" gun (Nothing is every safe with me being one of the variables ;P) Yes they are available.... But still I was not happy with it's design..... Made of copper... but NOT PSI rated.... buggers!!! And the "Push button" valve seemed like I'd wear it out at 90PSI pretty quickly. I don't think anyone has come up with this idea yet.... I don't know why.... But next time your at the harware store.... Have a look at a paint sprayer handset full 1/4 inch flow through.... I managed to use this principle.... But still not with a paint sprayer.... Mine has a 1/2 flow through... and runs at 130PSI Here's a quick tip on the blow darts for 1/2 tube.... Next time you grap some silicon at the store, ask If you can buy some extra nozzles... Cut the rear larger ring off... sand paper the cone smooth... and drive a 4 inch nail through the tip... I mainly use 1 1/2 ft long hunting darts now.... If your not interested.... fair enough.... msg me if you want and i'll help you out....

yes by all means im interested ive actually got some of those nozzles already and boy do they fly well jeez man wow. lol

Fire suprisingly straight hey..? And don't brake down in the wet, easy to find...etc... Have to replace my inlet valve.... started slightly leakin' last night and I spooked the rats off!!! bugger! It was off a 50PSI bike tyre so it don't blame it for giving up the ghost at 100PSI... I dont like the idea of just "Glueing" the valve in (like i did) so i might try tapping a thread into my copper end cap and a tread on the valve... I'll take a pic of my darts that i'm using at the moment... and post later on tonight. ;)

grrr some guy called botherm or something just unpublished my instructable because "it didnt have the correct information on it" oh my god big deal aaaarrrghhhh so fustrating because 1 i didnt have any pictures of it being built because i forgot to take them and it doesnt have safety precautions on it duuu common sense, dont aim it at people duuur. ar so annoying

I didn't know there was an Instructable for this.... But yes.... Saftey precautions are a must, and building pictures are not an option.... Sadly I have MANY project's built that I would love to publish but am un-willing to take them apart to do an ible...;) Such air my air-cannon... ;) Bare in mind also common sense is not so common these days... Not to mention the little kiddies that have no clue if it will be "dangerous" or not... If you change the slight mistakes then they will re-publish it.... :)