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Taking instructable requests Answered

So...post what you'd like to see here, and I'll try to do it. I'm taking requests until...until I don't want to take requests anymore!

I can do:

Basic computing and troubleshooting

Word processors, adobe pdf editor

Audio related

Some sculpting, painting, writing, drawing

How to draw instructables robot

etc...these are just some of my many talents! :D

Seriously, I may not be able to fulfill some requests, but I am more than willing to try! So what instructables would you like to see me do?


An Instrucatable on how to make an instrucatable for taking instrucatble requests.

just kidding

Adrian are you good at software ?? I'd love a 802.3af controlled set of LED clusters so I could be like the deck the halls movie with multi colored LED chistmas lights just going crazy all over my house (( and inside to ))

Lol, I wish I could do something like that, but I've never eve wired an LED...

You've never even wired an LED ?? <> well what are you waiting for ?? they are so easy to work with, and so much fun...

Well, the time to mess with it, along with the materials. I have a few old LEDs taken off old electronics, but I don't know what to do with them.

simple, solder a resistor to them, and apply power and watch them glow and glow and glow..... ((Ok I'm terrible when it comes to LED's, I didn't like the color of the green ones in my router so I opened it and installed blues, it's like I have LED OCD, and if I can play with LED's I will even the keyboard now has purple, uv leds in it ))

LED OCD! That's classic! Well, how do I figure out how powerful a resistor they need?

Adrian I have thousands of LED, it's pretty bad when your LED Christmas lights use more power then a few strings of normal lights but I have huge trees to, I have color changing wall washers, night lights, solar powered lights ((I think I have seven sets with over 100 LED on each right now )) I even go as far as opening the Leveton Decor series light switches and I have installed a LED and a line powered, power supply for the LED in the switches, I even got purple and orange leds strings for Halloween and pink strings for valentines day (( that was a hard color to find )) ... It is total full on LED OCD.... (( but I don't have any street lighting where I live so it makes up for not turning on the yard light at night ))

To find your resistor check out this site, http://ledcalc.com/ it will even draw out the circuit diagram and give you the right resistor color codes (( so I don't get in trouble with the old school saying I know relating to resistor color codes .. ))

Oh! Okay, thanks for the link. I think it should be LEDOCD, no spaces...LOL!

1. how to clip a birds nails 2. how to build a car amplifier thats about all i can come up with. that'd be kool if someone did the clipping a birds nails.

How big of a car amp and do you want a single channel 2 channel 4 channel or a combo ?? And how many amps current can your alternator spare ??

I'd do that, but I don't have a bird...I could gather material from online sources if you wantr though.

I've been wanting this for many, many, months. Days too! TURKISH DELIGHT

If you give it too me I'll betray my family and turn them into stone.

I'll do my best to learn to make Turkish Delight and post an ible!

(It's a candy type thing, it's kinda jellyish, and it is covered in powdered sugar.)

Lol, right after I asked you it occured to me to look at wikipedia.

Ah, I see...well...maybe, if I learn to make it well enough...

Howabout How to coil a hose? I can't seem to do it correctly, even though I've done it a thousand times.

Good one! I've done this myself, though I don't have a horse right now I just might do that!


10 years ago

Ok here is something that i would like to see made on here that has not been made yet.. And that is a Truck or Car window screen. Maybe mosquitoe netting that is sewn or velcroed like pillow case to slip over car or truck window. Love to see alot of people get creative with this and post some ways to keep the bugs out of your vehicles this summmer.. :) I got the idea from this website

Hey, nice, forum for requests, ok let'er rip...
1. What is Snitzel and how do I teach the wifey an easy way to make it

2. How to set up home network with media center extenders... XBOX 360 including the HP SmartMedia TV ***This is my planned ible once I return from Iraq*** but no probs if anyone can teach me this now.
(yes i know it sounds like im talking about simple file sharing for you PC guru's, but im talking setup-and mainly the HP SmartMedia TV

3. Birthing Puppies.... cant think straight atm, Peace!

I'd like to see an ible about how to paint tree trunks and the like. I started a painting of my backyard and dicovered, I don't know how to do bark, or shape a tree. So now I've got grass, a trellis that look like a 3-year-old painted it, and a large green raincloud where the canopy of my tree should be. No trunk. Maybe just painting natural scenes in general. I actually got out my striping brush at one point because I couldn't handle lines and edges and stuff with the portrait-painter's brush.

I'm not making any promises, but I might be able to help.

Hmm... you have a different style than I do, but I like it. Are those watercolor?

First one's oil, second is watercolor. I can do more, but these are the only pictures I've got handy. There's a really neat watercolor bark effect you can do with a credit card. I haven't done watercolor in years, though

Yeah, the second one had such a watercolor look about it that it made me wonder about them both. I'm not familiar with the difference between oil pastel and regular old oil. Is it transparency, or color, or some combination of the both that sets them apart?

Oil paints come out very rich and can be given heavy texturing... Pastels have rich colour but a bit more chalky somehow *don't worry I'm not getting oil and chalk mixed up it's just a description... Also oil pastels draw on quite flat and tend to run over eachother before mixing...

Awesome! I only draw, I'm horrible at painting. One thing I hate about myself is that I never finish a work of art. I start, give it detail, get bored, then make something else.....

For the trees, I've drawn and built one, at 8ft tall... Shaping them is best done with a light sketching to paint over, build up shadowed areas etc, then create the bark textures your own way, kinda like a rough pattern of shadows, browns and highlights... The way the tree bark looks is a big part of it too... For fences etc sketching helps a lot, to make those lines the way you want them, then paint in detail...

Well, I can draw pretty good tree trunks, I'm not so good at painting them.

Then perhaps a drawing how-to? Proportion and perspective never really worked for me, and I bet I'm not the only one!

> Audio related . How do I organize, tag, get cover art, &c for my LP, 8-trk, cassette, CD, &c collection that I'm ripping to HDD? I have over 2000 LPs, close to 1000 CDs, and only the FSM knows how many tapes I have. MediaMonkey is starting to bog down.

. Thanks.
. I've been using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) for most of the CD ripping chores. I rip to WAV, so, with EAC, it only takes a few clicks to rip. Audacity works well for ripping analog sources.
. Foobar is a great music player, but it's not much of an organizer (or maybe I just couldn't figure out how to make it a good organizer). My main problem with foobar is that it is too extensible/modifiable - I've trashed several installations, due to my incompetence. VLC is another nice player (it's my default player).
. So far, MediaMonkey has worked best for organizing/tagging/&c, but it is starting to bog down. iTunes, WMP, &c are too bloated (I don't need the online stores/streaming/&c) and they start to bog down way before MM. I may upgrade to MM Pro, just to get the folder monitoring feature. I've run into several "industrial strength" organizers (mainly for radio stations/&c), but they are EXPENSIVE - $1000+.

. I prefer lossless formats (WAV, mainly, but I ripped quite a few FLACs before settling on WAV). I did experiment with high bit-rate MP3s, but they don't save much space at 320K and I want close-to-archival quality copies. I have a 500GB RAID1 (hope to expand to 1TB RAID5 soon, but I had to replace a TV and a UPS this week) plus ~1TB on misc HDDs, so disc space is not a problem. MP3 does seem to be much easier to tag.
. MediaMonkey does an excellent job of grabbing art (front only), track titles, year, &c from Amazon. My problem is that I have ~9000 tracks (and growing) and it takes FOREVER for most database functions.
. I'm much too lazy to look up all those albums on Google. lol But it is a great idea.
. Thanks for the links. I'll check them out as soon as I hit the "post comment" button.

. It's not going well. :( That's a great site, but I'm beginning to think I'm after The Holy Grail - it doesn't look like what I want even exists (unless I want to spend some big money). I've installed 3-4 from your link, but none do it all. One locked up before it could scan the whole folder! . I'll keep looking, but for now it looks like MM Pro is the way to go. I may have to split my collection up into chunks that MM can handle, but I think the Pro version will help with that. . Thanks for the help. If you stumble across anything that looks promising, let me know. . . Why would anyone make an audio player without a volume control? I've run across several like that. Doesn't make any sense at all to me.

Ah! How to get organize, tag and get cover art for old tracks you have ripped from obsolete technology! I can do that! Look for it in the next few weeks, I'm going out of town soon but will work on it when I get back. :)