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Teach me about Poloroid Answered

So I've been thinking of buying a polaroid camera, the main reason is for the "non-volatile" pictures, but I was just wondering if there is anything that I should be aware of or general advice, opinions, views, and experience from people who have used one. thanks!


I suggest looking else where for your artistic pictures... 120 film is a good place to start :P


9 years ago

The chemicals contained in the film dry out over time; probably the limiting factor on film life. After that it won't work anymore. You probably shouldn't "stock up" on more film than you can use in about 2 months.

Sometimes your cellphone will take a better picture. It only works OK for bright scenes and the focus is always at infinity. Film is quite expensive if you find it and there are different cartridges for the various models. We had one a long time ago before digital cameras came out. With polaroid, there is no negative that you can transfer over or get repeat prints. Put your money in a good digital camera and upload to a real photo shop to get actual prints. The chemical pack and residue is still contained in a bubble at the edge of the photo.

I think you've missed the appeal of Polaroid(R) - it's "not-quite-instant hard-copy photos", they have a unique quality, esp. as being unaesthetically square. It's art, it's practical, or it's useless. It is expensive though.


I did not really discern his use, if for art, then he can be a purist, although there are photoshop filters to add the vintage look... I do have a friend that will not go digital but then again he looks at the clarity of an eyelash in detail.

These are fairly simple point & click machines. Use it and learn. When you're done there's a flat battery / cell in the empty film cartridge - they did start shifting these in bad torches years ago, presumably to maintain the battery plant in the face of declining film-cartridge sales.


Polaroids are not as permanent as standard 35mm film. I used one years ago, bought 2nd hand as a toy - dead easy to use, but hard to get the framing right because the simple view-finder is quite far from the actual lens.