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Team Fortress 2 anyone? Answered

 Hello! there is a FREE copy of team fortress 2 up for grabs! just leave a comment. I will not ask you for any personal details (if you have a steam account) if you don't have a steam account, then I'll only need your email. if you are one of my subscribers, then you get priority over the non subscribers. (of course click subscribe and you are the first person, then you get priority! then it boils down to who will offer me more stuff such as 5star rating, other subscriptions from you own subscribers, patches, etc.) 
now you may want to know why I am doing this. for my birthday present, a user on this site sent me a gift copy of TF2 on steam. he had bought the game a few months before, and it had came with a gift pass. (a full version of the game sent for free due to masses of sales. ) then, as it was still selling so well, I managed to obtain a gift pass for it. but I have noone to give it to.
well thats that, and I do not own any of the stuff here, (except for the gift pass) I did not create TF2, I only play it. and to all of you geeks, then this is not an illegal copy, its fully licensed.
Thanks for reading, and LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pls may i have it just email me : Richcamburf96@gmail.com

may i have the gift pass my steam account is blah284

only if you sub me, I'm desperate to get rid of it...

i already subbed and rated your stuff 5 stars

kewel! I'll send the pass 2morrow, or in approximately 16 hours. (maybe less.)

Thank you very much,  thanks really thanks

 No worries! it didn't cost me anything! (or my friend who gave me his gift pass lol)

notify me if you sent the pass already, thanks

 sorry for the delay I think my dad uninstalled steam lol hope you dont mind waiting another day or two im really sorry.

 good, I'm just trying to get rid of it lol had it for like 4 months.

May I have a go? I'll give you 5 stars on everything, and my email is jamalam@hotmail.co.uk. I don't have steam. I already subbed you :P

okay, that sounds very good, if anyone cant offer me anything better within the next week, then you will probably win! yay! I got TJ to sub meh! oh just in case, check your PC, you need at the veryminimum an intel core 2 duo proccesor. I recommend i7 (thats roughly 15 times more powerful) and make sure you have a good graphics/video card.
If I mail it to you, then you will need to activate a steam account. you could just make it easier by downloading and making an account, I swear its not a virus, and steam is only 1.5 megabytes.

I know about steam. In fact, I'll pass on the free copy. I thought it was for xbox :P Still, keep the ratings and the sub dude.

Nah, give it to someone else. Good luck though. I rated all your stuff 5* anyway, so keep that :)

wah? why don't you want it, and why did you rate and sub if you aren't going to do that?

Imma get an xbox anyway and i'll be playing on there most of the time. My computers are very lo-spec anyway so it would run slowly anyway. And I rated and subbed because I like you.

Is it a free game? If it is i`am gonna dowloading it!

no its not. I looked all over for free downloads, and all of them where virusses.

 so you gonna offer something? like 5stars on an ible?