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Terragen Answered

I found this thing called Terragen today while I was looking around on the Internet. It's a Terrain generator, which is where the name came from. Has anyone used this before?

There's also Terragen 2, and it's a lot harder to use than the regular one. I can't figure it out. At all.

http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/ The link thing isn't working for me at the moment....



10 years ago

Looks a bit like "Bryce", which also claims to be a "terrain editor", and also has a very "different" user interface. IIRC it's not too bad to USE, once you get used to it...

Wow that looks cool!

It's kinda confusing at first but I really like it.

I'm gonna download it. It seems extremely useful

check the number of downloads and reviews before you download

seems legit. I'll look it up. A lot of people say its ok

I download all my free software there............... no problems yet


10 years ago

I know my bro has played around with it.... (= I haven't looked at it though.