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Tesla Coil Power Supply Question? Answered

Does anyone think I can use a florescent tube ignition/driver circuit to power a tesla coil (small). What I mean is that can I basically take out a fluorescent tube from its socket and plug in my wirings for the primary coil (capacitors and spark gap included). I don't know how high the voltage or the current is coming out of one of those things. Can anyone help?

Please answer quickly, time is of the essence. 


The fluorescent tube behaves very differently to what ever coil you have, because it's not a coil.
So the answer is no.

Sorry, and be careful with HV, it can kill you...


Long story short, unless you are extremely lucky and happen to find a drive circuit EXACTLY tuned to the resonant frequency of your coil, you're screwed.

No, it won't work.

A proper power supply charges a tuned size of capacitor bank at a known resonant frequency to cause that capacitor bank to discharge through a spark gap (also calculated), which discharges through a calculated inductor (primary) which excites a calculated secondary transformer.

The odds of an off the shelf fluorescent charge pump doing the above? closer to zero than .1%