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The Brickster 2 SLDS Answered

GUESS WHAT? I just finished my newest project, the Brickster 2, Super Long Distance Sniper. I estimate it shoots about 290' using my new arrow design. Unlike the Brickster, this has an open top and bottom instead of sides, and the rubber bands are fed through each arm. It makes for easier loading and smoother firing. Also, this mega-beast is almost TWICE as long as the Brickster. It is VERY piece efficient because each arm uses yellow and green rods instead of white and blue. I should post pictures and a video or two in a week and the Instructable should be up in a month. Hit subscribe so you know just when it's posted.


i'd use Y connectors for the snap-down, and have a permanent carrying handle across te top in the middle so its balanced. also, POST!!!!!


8 years ago

It needs an angled handle and a bipod or quadpod. Just my opinion.

and yet, the only thing the gun lacks is a picture of it.

Yea I know but it's only because I don't have enough rubber bands to use for even 1 string. I predict it will need somewhere around 50 rubber bands.

I know from experience that a lot of iblers's estimates are way off.

They probably are, but I never said his estimate was right or wrong. :P

Well considering I measured V1 and it shot about what I said and since this is so big you must assume it shoots that far.

then I estimate the SR-v2 shoots 20000 feet. nah, i kid.

Looks good but that’s not really a bow. Also you should post a video.