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The GUNPAD Answered

Hello Frnds! Yesterday when i was playing " FARCRY 4" a very cool idea struck my mind. But i unable to figure out its proper design and circuitry. So i need ur help. As u all know that playing First Person Games using a gamepad is not so easy and also it doesn't give a realistic feel. So i thought to hack a gamepad and embed a gyrosensor/ accelerometer to control the x, y coordinates of the gun's aim. I have made a basic design of how it will look using an old SNES gamepad's cabinet. The left part of the gamepad is freely rotatable upto 90 degrees clockwise and vice versa. See the given gif animation and then read below. Moreover the LT, LB, RT, and RB buttons will obstruct the action of rotating so we can relocate it to another place (SEE the Image). They can be used a Fire, Reload, Secondary Fire and Throwing Grenade during the game.

Lets imagine that we are playing any First Person Game using the gamepad. There is no enemy around us and we are just roaming, discovering. Then suddenly an enemy comes in front of us. We have to kill it but aiming with gamepad analogue stick is tough. Then with our GUNPAD we just have to take the device in "Gun Mode", Aim and Shoot. The enemy's dead and we are safe. Then we can take the GUNPAD back in "Pad Mode" and use the directional buttons to move. SOUNDS COOL!
Now if you have any ideas plz comment or if you can make one plz upload an instructable. Kindly Give my name when performing the latter. Thanks!



4 years ago

A few comments/questions off the cuff:

I assume that this is for PC since you won't be able to interface this with a console. Given that assumption, why not just use a mouse? Or wait until this fall to see if the Steam Controller works as advertised. Also, how will you interface this with games, which don't support it. You're talking about changing control schemes and inputs on the fly. Even if you could do this (you can't without re-writing each game) it wouldn't be immediate and that lag is going to get your character killed.

Personally I feel like flipping the handle, switching your grip, and aiming will take longer and be harder than just aiming with the analog stick. (And if you are on console do you not have aim assit on?)

A simple gyro alone won't be enough to accomplish this. You need a way to calibrate and position the the cursor in space initially. To expound: You're running around using the pad as normal. Suddenly a group of enemies appears, lets say in the upper left quarter of your screen. In your vision you flip the handle, switch your grip, aim up at the first enemy, push the trigger, and them adjust your aim to the second enemy, repeat until they are all taken care of. In this scenario, when does the aim transfer over to the motion control? It can't be as soon as the handle flips because then you'll be stuck pointing off to the side of your screen. This means you probably need something like and IR system so the controller/game know when you're pointing it at the screen. Also, are you envisioning binding just the aim to motion control (meaning you still need a way to look around and move, i.e. two analog sticks) or would you want the entire right stick (view control) bound to the motion ( which won't be as precise or easy to use as you need and honestly could easily cause motion sickness).

It feels like you're essentially describing a Wii motion controller if it was shaped more like a traditional controller. I'd point to the number of (or lack thereof) first person shooters on Wii as an indicator how well that system works.

While I understand what you're trying to get at with this I'd suggest looking into the work being done in and around the VR community as this appears where gaming controls are headed. Companies like Oculus and their Rift and Steam/HTC with the (Re?)Vive are working not only on headsets but suitable control schemes for them which will probably incorporate some sort of motion control.


Answer 4 years ago

+1 on the Stream Controller ! (On my wishlist :D)

Suppose I forgot about the movement issue >.< lol If you are going the micro controller route, you can still digitally "rotate" the Axis so you can use your right thumb (left on the stick == Forward in game, Push the stick down you strafe left... Ect

You can solve the Gyro issue by creating a calibrate button that will set the cursor to the center of the screen (holding the button down while turning the "Gun" toward the screen, and letting go as you Aim) **I've been working on something similar with a old joystick I removed from the base from. I plan to use it in my left hand for PC gaming movement / action controls**

Still, sounds like one of those Form over Function type projects :)


4 years ago

Rather then making the whole left side twist, I would suggest you only make the handle twist.

There isn't much in the handle it's self, only a vibration motor for feedback. Cut off the left handle along the bottom of the D-Pad. Then use a second donor controller and cut the same handle off (Leaving more material that you can sand down later) Then build an arm that will attach the handle to a pivot point (maybe a screw?) directly under the D-Pad. Would be cool if you could incorporate a switch that would enable your "'Gun Mode" You will also need a calibrate button to zero the controllers position.

If you want to aim the controller like you said you would need a gyroscope. To interface with the gyroscope you would also need to know to program a Micro Controller ( Like Arduino) You would need to program it to act as a Human Interface Device (HID) Then when you program it, set certain buttons to do keystrokes. the joysticks and Gyroscope can be set for mouse control and other Axis's.

Maybe $100 ?