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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 2 Results) Answered

Sorry, i was all busy with the game called Little Big Planet, creating levels, etc.
But here are the results, and again, everyone who posted something moved on.
So here are the scores so you have something to brag about.
And good luck in the next round!

1st: Killer~SafeCracker --- TBAR Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle --- 700/800 points.
2nd: ZakS95 --- Turret Bow --- 670/800 points.
3rd: K'nex Mad --- TNKIT Entry --- 660/800 points.
4th: SilentAssasin21 --- K'nex FAMAS Contest Entry --- 650/800 points.
5th: AJLeece --- Giant Rail Gun 'O' Doom --- 640/800 points. 
6th: Millawi Legend --- My TNKIT Entry --- 625/800 points.
7th: DJ Radio --- OMEN XR --- 620/800 points.
8th: Owen-Mon-82397 --- K'nex Break Action Shotgun --- 600/800 points.
8th: K'nexguy --- K'nex MP5 --- 600/800 points.
9th: (Atlas) --- K'nex FAMAS --- 570/800 points.
10th: CJ81499 --- New Knex Innovations Chalenge Round 2 Cj81499's Entry --- 530/800 points.

The people who are not listed did not move on.
Link to round 3: https://www.instructables.com/community/The-New-Knex-Innovationists-Tournament-TNKIT-4/


Lol I call the next wildcard spot XD

He doesn't even HAVE wildcards.  That's TVIKT.

 So you can test reliability without making the gun? Funny stuff. Even for the people who made videos, it doesn't make sense. Millawi Legend's gun jammed in the video and yet you give 200 reliability. Don't count me in for the next round.

You wouldn't even be allowed because you copied your entry..
It was made by Bakenbitz.
I saw it on his photobucket.

At first I was curious about your skill, then I just assumed that you had a lot of experience with knex before you joined (this was before I knew you were really bitz).  I technically was correct, you do have tons of experience with knex, even before you joined.

Oh, sorry man. My bad.
I truly didn't know that :(

His gun jammed only because a part fell out of the mag due to an accident.

 If a part can even fall out, that means it's unreliable. 

Yeah, I think your turret bow should have gotten more reliability points.

Atlas had a better FAMAS than silentassassin.  Oh and you have 2 #8 positions.

Mine came out first so it was kinda like he saw mine and tried to one up me but origanallity i bet got me huge points.

You didn't make the first famas model.  Oh and his looks more realistic IMO.

Mine was the first one entered into a comp that is what i meant.

I don't see how that has to do with anything.  His looks nothing like yours.  Everything on his Famas is different than everything on yours.

I thought Atlas was a girl.

You should get someone else who isn't participating in this round to judge the entries.  (Jammy?)  Nobody agrees with your ratings.

Hey viccie, can you tell me how you scored each gun?  Like you did for last time?

I don't think the TBAR was better than the sexbow.

Nice, well done to everyone else who moved on. 

Viccie rigged it so that everyone who posted an entry moved on. 

Well still, if there was no tie, CJ would have been out (No offense CJ), because there were more than 10 entries.


8 years ago

 Sorry about not posting an entry, I had all my pictures taken to make an instructable but I forgot about it for a while and then my computer crashed and I lost all my files so I couldn't post an entry.

Back up your computer next time.

You should be allowed to post it.

wow! 3rd did not expect to well done to killer~safecracker well deserved

you deserved it most inovative of them all besides from zaks thats a close second both are exellent compared to mine