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The Virtual Theremin Answered

Ever since seeing Bill Bailey live a couple of days ago, I was fascinated by the Theremin he used throughout his performance.

I did a little googling and found that it's relatively simple to make one, but I didn't want to, I wanted one now! Back to google it was then, and I came across this beauty (link to .exe file).

To play the Theremin, you click start, then move your mouse around the grid. The X axis controls note frequency and the Y axis controls volume.

I'm now in the process of annoying my parents with it >:]


Great, thanks for that! Within 30 seconds I found myself playing that theremin bit in Good Vibrations.

so epic!!!!

Oh wow! This is great!! I have been wanting a theremin for years and now I dont need to buy 1!!!

That is wild. I changed to octave from the default of 4 to 8, and got some interesting midrange sounds too (after bumping the high range up a a couple of K decades :-)

I know, it's so fun :D My hamster seems to like it... possibly...

My guinea pigs didn't seem to care for it very much in the upper range :-)

If you go past eight octaves, then it messes up.

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I liked playing soccer, when I could stay on my feet. I was a little unco-ordinated back in my school days :-) I was better at volleyball though.

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I know! It's crazy! I'm terrible at chess...

It just takes practice.....and I probably won't break any bones playing chess :-)

That thing is lots of fun :D

Interesting... If you move the window to the left of the screen, and then drag all the way to the right, the frequency goes too high and it crashes.

*returns to playing Doctor Who*

Yup. I easily hit ultrasonic. You get some interesting waveforms at those high frecuencies.

I was a little wary about DLing a .exe from an unknown source, but it's GREAT! wee-ooo-0000-OOOOO FTW!

[http://Here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=LKtxg1D7vZw&feature=related] si the link to the finale, the Kraftwerk tribute. For those that don't know, the theremin in the weird sound towards the beginning of the video, when you see him move his arm toward an antenna.