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The best .gif you've ever seen? Answered

So I was browsing stumbleupon today and came across this fantastic gif....

What's your favourite gif or the best one you've ever seen? (for anyone that needs reminding.... keep it clean, remember where you are)


I dont have it but there is an intersection and a car is waiting for a man to cross the road,

the man is labeled "pirate" the car is labeled "buyers"

then a huge bus labled "DRM" rear-end shunts this car and almost hits the pirate but he jumps out the way.

v funny.
4chan has some good gifs but also a LOT of very very bad ones

I-I went on there once. Never. Ever again.

It's hard to top this?


I wondered who made it. And then I realised it must have been Japanese.

Go to YouTube and look up "Monkey Dust" - very screwy.


Wierd, that was a reply to DJ Radio.


Did you hit the "reply" button by mistake?

Your comment seems to have vanished. The one with the B&W gif.


I can still see it from my end.

Neither can I. But you do remember posting the gif don't you?


I said I could see my own comment.  Something must be wrong on your end.

Post a bug.  Provide a screenshot of your view and I'll get a snapshot of my own view.


Number 6 doesn't move, but still....

So who are those guys - MOSSAD?


I don't know but that dog is amazing!

Yes, pretty good attack there.