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The most powerfulest knex gun Answered

I made a knex gun that is still in testing but can break through like 5 soda cans so far. So I was wondering what the record was for cans broken through by a knex gun, and if anybody wanted me to make an instructable for my gun.


gorkems can go through 4and a half with a sharpened rod. its pretty much tied with the RPG and SR-V1


10 years ago

The bullet has a sharp tip and you had 6 or 5 rubber bands on the gun. =)

Its flat tip.

Show us a pic b4 making an instructible

ye i agree i h8 really powerfull guns that look bad you should defo put apic up of it!!!!!!!!!! also dats very good power most people think gorkems gun is good but yours sounds twice as powerfull!!!!!!!!!!!!(mind you i may be biest i dnt particularly like gorkem his gun is good but he bosts to much