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Thoughts on the Makibox? Answered

For those who don't know what I'm talking about: Makibox

as anyone used this? Is it too good to be true (pricewise)? Opinions?


Hi, I'm the developer for the MakiBox.

We are shipping the betas currently, switching over to an injection molded version in May. So far, it is a much more simple experience than what is currently on the market in the price range, and we are working on the software side of things to make the process more simple and streamlined. This generation is targeted towards makers, so, just like with other ones in this generation, there is a learning curve. We have simplifed the setup and maintenance, but the actual printing process still requires some experience to get good prints consistently.

Thanks for the reply. I realize the product requires a bit of practice for use, my main concern however is the wait time. Most of the forum posts I see on your webpage are holding out small vestiges of hope that their product will be delivered sometimes up to a year and a half after ordering. Your website claims a few months, is that just wishful thinking or is production speeding up?

I love the idea of the makibox, the pioneering you are currently doing in this field is at the very least astounding.

We have already started shipping beta units and are just waiting on the production injection molds to be complete next month to start the final production. All current orders should be cleared out within a few weeks once we start production.

Excellent! If I do buy, it will be yours.

A quick browse in their forums are all questions on not shipping yet.

I figured that would be expected as a 200$ 3d printer would be so popular. I'm worried more about functionality. Would this be a good investment at this time? I would probably get it up to a year from now, will the technology still be relevant?

If you go to a Maker Faire, there is a giant tent or whole section dedicated to all of these startups and vendors trying to sell their version. When you get down to it, they still require a tremendous amount of setup and maintenance to run. I may be wrong, but I it seems that the consumer 3d printers out there are reverse-engineered machines trying to copy some patented process which they are not allowed to use It's still in the dot-matrix printer phase of things. I am still holding out till it gets "affordable".