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Threw my back out on Friday.... Answered

Sometime early on Friday morning, I threw out my back (it must have dropped in amongst the trash in one of the cans or something); anyways, I am still mobile, but am suffering quite a bit. I can't sit in one place to long at the moment, but it IS better then it was yesterday.

Just thought I would let you all know, in case I seem a little more absent, or cranky this 4 day weekend I have *sigh*

One more Update, well, make that two:

The picture is not me, it is off the web, and
#2: things have not yet gotten ANY better.....looks like I am stuck this way until Tuesday when the Docs are back from their vacations....*sigh*


Nice back, I wouldn't have thought you'd look like that from behind. L

It is a stock picture from online.....I am much wider then that in the middle ;-)

I suppose you don't have nice nails either then? L

Mine look kind of like that, only dirtier underneath ;-)

hmm, thought might be to unhook the straps before sunbathing to avoid the unsightly tanline...

You're not suggesting that Goodhart is "top-heavy" are you?


When you get older, everyone could use some help.

Right now I could do with some muscle relaxers arrrgh, sitting here and moving a bit hurts, and I can't sleep either it seems...


8 years ago

Been there; done that. Sympathies to you, mate.

This is now day 3, actually, and things are NOT feeling very much better *sigh*

Does not sound too serious, but back injuries always take a while. Just make sure not to think its ok too quickly! Very easy to put it out again..

no danger of that in it's present state of agony :-)

It is mainly muscular in nature, but also is giving me some of the symptoms I had when I had a compressed disk. *sigh*....I need to find my back exercise sheets again...


8 years ago

Sorry to hear about your back, I hope it feels better (you have a very pretty back by the way).

Oh, if I had shown a picture of MY back, you'd see scars and such from the carcinomas that have been removed from the skin. I took that picture from the internet. :-)

Hope you feel better soon, and no more throwing body parts away.

Thanks, I really had moving stuff like new air conditioners.....

yeah, I would personally hire people to do that. "Hey kid. Wanna make a quick buck?"

20 years ago, I could easily bench press 2-3x that weight.....now, not so much.

I wasn't young 20 years ago, but I hadn't started to get old yet either ;-)

For the first 6-7 years I worked where I do now, there were no chairs in the computer room....I stood (except for lunch break) the whole 8 hours. The desk was about chest high (more like a table really).


8 years ago

Take care o' yourself. /:(