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Toy K'nex gun shoots 500ft? Answered

COMING SOON! Toy gun that shoots 500ft. Ible and video coming soon! Be on the lookout!


I don't think K'nex is classed as a 'toy' anymore, haha :D

Actually, it still is by K'nex itself. Look on their website.

''K'nex, The Worlds Most Creative Construction and BuildingToys"

The target audience for K'nex is children. Its just that us teens are able to build more complex, useful creations. ;-)

:O Drool...

But, KK, why are there like 90 quadrillion forum topics with this thing over and over again? I'm confused. :3

If you're looking for thing to improve, the only thing I'd do is make some stuff a bit more filled in, like the barrel and that cross brace from the handle, as well as get rid of some of the prongs sticking out in miscellaneous places.

Man, that thing is huge!!! I can see how you're getting 500 feet! :3

yeah that is all this in the works but the concept and mech work great. I just got some bigger better bands in so Ill test them tomorrow might push the shoots a big further

I'm sure it will. :3 And, I know you may not want to reveal it yet, but I'm curious: what is the mech, exactly?

The mech is basically a bullpup version of the SRv2 mech that is heavily reinforced. The gun is built very sturdy which of course means tons of pieces but for me this is more of a show gun than a gun I expect many people to build.