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Transmit Video over a Local Area Network? Answered

I need  to send video from a webcam from a computer running Windows XP through my router and to another computer connected to the network. NOTE: There is no internet connected to the router! Thanks, joespicnictables... =D


Plug in webcam, run streaming video server on that machine, connect to it from other machine. Internet is irrelevant.

Websearch "streaming video server". You'll find mention of multiple programs for the purpose, some free and some purchased. I haven't tried any of them in video mode, but "if it happens, it must be possible."

Getting it installed and running is something you'll have to work our, with help from the software's authors and user community. Or get a local friend who has a bit more experience to assist.

(I've done streaming audio using Windows Media Server -- just because it was available and free -- and it worked well enough. Next time I'd probably go with Shoutcast or something else more sophisticated. I haven't looked at whether either of those will also stream video.)

Debut video can do that. trial is free.

i tried it but couldn't figure out how to do it. F.Y.I: Tt needs to be live streaming video.