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Two Costumes You NEED to Look at Answered

We've had a rush of Halloween costumes come through here, but there are a couple of amazing ones that you definitely need to check out if you haven't already.

houseofdarkly's Mystic Lord Costume

nicemag's Kali Costume

Other costumes were awesome as well (like the werewolves), but it looks like these got a little lost in the shuffle.


Wow! I really like the Kali costume. It looks so unique, and so bizzare! I want a costume like that! Amusingly FREAKY!

This reminds me of paintings of "Lords of Chaos" and the like with armour with three foot spikes and helmets with full sets of antlers ...Swordfighting.. Ah well innocent times


10 years ago

I liked both these costumes very much. The quality of entries this year was very high- you guys are going to have a tough time picking a winner!

ha! and i say again Ha! lets put the mystic lord in a wind tunnel and bet a fiver on his drag coefficient score thingy.....

They are great...but from a design point of view, why is anything mystic automatically associated with spikes..Does the mystic realm never go streamlined?

spikes are streamlined.....it is flat and box-like ( transformers ) that aren't LOL

And that one, she could always be available to give some one a hand LOL Very well put together

Those are pretty good, my favorite is the realistic wearwolf. I can't wait to make one and prowl around on halloween scaring everybody because it looks so real!

Wow those are great! Some people really go all out!