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UK Government Wants to Build a Database of Every Phone Call and Email Answered

This just crossed my News ticker this morning: 10:20 AM on Tue May 20 2008
By Adam Frucci

The plans for the new database are currently being drafted up and may be proposed for inclusion in the draft Communications Bill later this year. While many of the types of politicians you'd expect are behind it, a number of others are, thankfully, vehemently against it. They're against it not because of the basic violation of citizens' privacy that would come from such an action, however. Instead, they point to the UK government's lousy track record with data security as a security threat great than whatever threats they'd be stopping by being able to look up those emails of you flirting with the girl you met at the office Christmas party. It's another really strong argument against giving governments overreaching powers to spy on their citizens.

Hopefully, the people of England will get properly angry and vocal against this plan, keeping it from ever becoming a reality. The next step, after all, will be the thought police, and at that point it's really too late. {BBC via Boing Boing }

Big Brother IS watching, everywhere......

"If you wanted a sure sign that the Orwell-ization of Great Britain is underway, then look no further than this. Lollipop ladies, those kindly old women who man the main roads next to school, similar to the US crossing guard, have been issued with video cameras to record lollipop rage as school-side road rage is known.

The cameras, which record traffic coming from both the front and the back, mounted on the lollipop lady's cap, and attached to an Archos portable DVR, have been developed by a British firm, Routesafe. Several local authorities have invested in the technology to counter the increasingly aggressive behavior on British roads."

CCTV cameras everywhere


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"Hopefully, the people of England will get properly angry and vocal against this plan" But, we're British? We won't complain if our houses fell down, for fear of causing a scene. :-P

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Why? First off, that is kinda infringing upon.... Oh, thats right. They're not in America. No constitutional amendment I can refer to...

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10 years ago

Tagged on boingboing as "good luck with that" I have no idea who my MP is but I'm pretty sure he or she is going to get a letter about this. Isn't there also a plan going down for ISPs to keep records of web usage? If that happens I'm buying a tin foil hat and moving to the middle of nowhere with my packet radio and carrier pigeon loft. IPvCP?

I'll dig up a site I have, you put in your postcode and it tell you who your Mp's are...

Article 12 of the United nations Declaration of Human Rights:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

One letter to my MP coming up...

On the upside the house of lords may be against the whole thing, the ones that I met don't like big brother society...