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USB powerd, portable laptop cooler Answered

over the past few days i made a portable laptop cooler thats powered by the USB socket on your laptop... check it out and let me know what you think..



I think it is great, add more fans to make the computer even more cooler!
If you don't mind the noise of the fan...

Not sure how well this would work, but a USB port puts out 500mA. A fan usually uses about 100-200mA @ 12V. You might be able to use some sort of voltage upconverting circuit (like the one in MintyBoost, but instead of 3 to 5 V, have it 5 to 12 V) to pump out 12V and run the fans at full speed. You have to be careful though, because you might ruin ports if you draw over 500mA. A lot of devices won't have a problem with this, but just to be sure, don't draw more than 500mA (use a multimeter's amps or milliamps function to measure current use).

i was going to make one of these for my brother since his laptop overheats like crazy. but he made me mad and i refused to make it for him. maybe i will go and make one now since hes at our grandparents for the summer. one thing though, will any case fan work with the 5v supply from usb? or will i have to look for a specific type?

the fan will run slower than normal but any pci slot fan will for fine.. the fans speed is still efficiant enough aslong as you make the box air tight..

Cool! Although, I think you could fit another fan in there. Anyway,good job!