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USB socket lampholder/rose? Answered

Since completing this class I've been playing with a 5V LED strip which runs happily off a plug-in power supply meant for charging a mobile phone or a 13A power socket that has an in-built USB charger port. I'd like to use the strip to make a pendant ceiling light, but I can't find any mains (240V 50Hz here in the UK) lampholders or ceiling roses that have an in-built USB port. With more and more people wanting to power low voltage LED lighting from a mains voltage lighting circuit, without having to bury a power supply in the ceiling somewhere, this seems strange. Is there any inherent reason why doing this would be a bad idea? I'm thinking of taking the transformer/rectifier gubbins out of the plug-in power supply and fitting it into a ceiling rose.



Best Answer 6 months ago

I assume lack of demand. You might be able to find something that converts from the lamp socket to a wall socket, and then plug a 5V converter into that. Albeit, this is probably going to look a little bit crude. Sorry I can't currently think of a better solution.

Thanks! Nice to know I haven't missed an obvious solution that's out there.