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Under Ground Fort Answered

I'd like to build an under ground fort, it must be water proof. I want to have a stove in it if possible, i will have big ventilation so as not to have a build up of carbon monoxide. I have access to a wide rang of tools, I live on a farm so space isn't a problem. I did find a plan in a magazine from 1929, its rather vague and i would like more help. I can take as long on it as it long as it takes to build it right, so time isn't a problem. I don't know if i should pack the wall with stones or planks, Ideas? I want to have a good idea of how to do it before I start. It shouldn't be to expensive but that isn't really a factor. People are saying that I shouldn't build an underground fort because of the danger of it. If i didn't make a fire place in it would it be better? How about I put a trapdoor above the fire place, that way i could open it when i used the fire (Update)



What seemed like a good idea in the 20's and 30's turned out to be very dangerous. The show you how to make a decent roof for the hole but not how to reinforce the walls. You'll also want more then a wood floor. If you don't make things water tight they whole place will get fowl very fast. You'll want to have your parents check local laws about something like this being built. There may be permits required to build such a structure or it may be illegal all together. Either way your town/city/county/state/country will have some laws one way or another about such a project and you'll need to follow those laws. Just keep in mind these laws are set up for your safety.

I live on a farm in S.A, so building it wont be any problem. I do want to build some sort of hide out though. Any ideas? Could I maybe build half of it under ground and the other half above ground

That would be a little safer. You would still want to reinforce the walls and look at the local structural building codes. A lot depends on your soil and how you brace the walls.

Is there any sort of hill you could back it up against? That way you could disguise the structure to look like part of the hill and not worry about it filling with rain or the walls collapsing inward.

Can you disguise an above-ground fort as a pile of rocks and shrubs or firewood pile? Plant a ring of fast-growing plants around it? What sort of thing would look like part of the natural landscape?

An awful lot of people get killed in collapsing trenches and fun sand pits they have dug every year. It doesn't take much dirt pinning down your chest to stop you breathing.

There are a few hill round here, I was thinking to use one. The problem about using a pile of rocks on top or a wood pile is that the snakes around here really love that and we get some nasty ones here. We also don't get many hills around here, and then they are far from the house. I'm going to check out a hill tomorrow.

The hills sound promising.

How about a fake rock shell made of chicken wire, canvas, and stucco disguising the walls or entry? Think of the sets of Star Trek the TV series.

Thanks, I'll give it some thought. I think i may use an old pen as a hideout and just put a roof on it. I'm going to look around some more. The underground hideout would take me a long time.

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This one is a classic. I saw a better instructable where the guy turned it into a wine cellar, but i cant find it.